Sustainability Leadership Network
Sustainability Leadership Network

Welcome to Sustainability Leadership Network

Championing sustainability at work because we care, even when it's not in our job description.

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We are an international community of professionals working in business, education, finance, law, marketing, tourism and much more. We’re leaders, managers and consultants in businesses, public service and nonprofits. 

Most of us are not sustainability experts, but we all champion sustainability in our professional lives because we care deeply about what our society is doing to the living world. Some of us have been doing this for years; some of us are just getting started.

Our shared goal is to embed sustainability in our work, in our organisations, in the programmes we deliver or in the work of our clients to move our society closer to a world where people and nature flourish.

We come together and support each other to maximise our capacity to catalyse transformational change.

Why Sustainability Leadership for non-sustainability professionals?

Our culture would have us believe that if we care, the best we can do is make 'green' choices, donate to charity or support a campaign. Action in our private lives is good but what about our professional lives? At work, we are persuaded that sustainability is the responsibility of sustainability specialists - we think that is nonsense. 

We believe that people who care about the climate and nature crises – and social evils like poverty and inequality – are the greatest untapped resource that can help shift society to a world where people and nature flourish. 

Stepping up to make a difference, even if it's not in your job description, is sustainability leadership.

Sustainability leadership is for everyone

You can often have greater influence and impact if sustainability is notin your job description: to your colleagues you’re ‘one of us’, not the 'sustainability guru’.

You don’t need to be a sustainability expert

Equipped with your existing knowledge and experience, and key insights into sustainability and leading change, you can make a real difference.

You don't have to retrain to work on sustainability

You can develop the additional knowledge and skills you need - without long programmes and without being overwhelmed by information.

Why the Sustainability Leadership Network?  

We founded this network because there's nowhere else like it for non-sustainability professionals who are championing sustainability in their professional lives.

Here, you will find practical resources and effective training that build on your existing skills, experience and passion – so you can focus your time and energy where you will have the greatest impact.

Together with others from across the world who share your commitment, using peer mentoring and action learning, you will develop your personal plans, put them into action, reflect on what works for you, and keep iterating and developing – to make the changes you believe in.

If change for sustainability was easy, the world wouldn't be in the state that it is. Championing sustainability can be lonely and it sometimes seems like no one else cares. We’re here for each other when the going is tough and the skies seem dark – and to celebrate not just your breakthroughs, but your successes along the way.

Engage, inspire and influence others 

Develop your knowledge, skills and confidence so you can make sustainability meaningful and relevant to your colleagues, clients or stakeholders. 

Make an impact and leave a legacy

Find your focus and identify the levers that will multiply your efforts so you can catalyse fundamental changes for sustainability that used to feel impossible.

Connect with like-minded peers

Belong to a community where we support each other to use our careers as a force for good – in a world that needs more of us doing this than ever before.

Inside the Sustainability Leadership Network…

Get feedback on your ideas and plans, find ways through your challenges and decide how to build on your successes at peer mentoring sessions.

Deepen your knowledge, strengthen your skills and gain new insights with expert-led online workshops, a growing collection of bespoke and curated articles and videos, and preferential and discounted access to online and in-person courses and retreats.

Use our modern private network to be part of the conversation and connect with fellow members.

Get started right away with orientation and coaching at your one-to-one induction session.

All this for just £36 monthly or £360 yearly. 

Act now to get one of the remaining First 100 Founder Memberships and lock into just £26/m or £260/y for as long as you remain a member. Of course, you can cancel at anytime.

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